Once Upon a Time


I work as an Software Professional at Yash Technologies. I am responsible for managing Software Development and Support projects for some of the reputed clients. I live in Indore along with my wife, two wonderful kids(girl & boy) and my mom.

Boat tour of Poovar Backwaters with my family

I love to read books related to different genre – I love stories and lots of my thinking process is developed because of reading habit.

I grew up and spent most of my life in India and I also got a opportunity to visit and work in USA. And both places are close to my Heart…

I met lots of wonderful people in my life. People belonging to different culture, country. I found at core all are same expressing life in many different ways.

I found my daughter enjoys my jumbled up stories based on whatever I read or heard earlier but could not fully recall…I remember my father used do the same and he was good with it…

What will you find here?

  • Articles I find interesting – Received from various sources like Whats-app group but get lost as there are so many of them coming.
  • I also plan to write notes and summaries of what I read or learn or experienced.
  • I also want to write about various things related Software Development, Management, Travel and related concepts.
  • If you don’t find anything mentioned above in my blog – Maybe I am too lazy or given priority to spent some time with my family.